How it All Began

The journey of my ministerial work started from childhood, though I never thought I would become a servant of Almighty God. It wasrecently that one of my brothersbreminded me how I confronted a powerful witch in my neighborhood who had destroyedmany destinies and I told her that I would bring her to naught with her witchcraft powers. Though, she threatened to kill me, she never succeeeded.I however promised her that I would overcome her by the power of God though I had not had encounter with Jesus Christ. In short, I have been exercising authority right from my childhood which affirmed that I had been ordained by God from heaven.

My father was a Warden at the Catholic Church in Ido-Ekiti and he did not compel us to attend church services. I had been a stubborn child, though not into stealing and robbery. I was a champion in gambling and table tennis before I was delivered by God.

Life Changing Decision

I knew within me that I had glory(destiny) but could not make use of it. One day I decided on my own without anybody's prompting that I would leave my town and I would not return there until I make it in life. I went to a brother of mine who was a bricklayer then(now a man of God) that I would follow him, but he told me that he did not have a house that would accommodate me, I told him that I would follow him even if he was sleeping outside. I was determined not to stay back in my home town. I left with a trouser, shirt and a pair of slippers. I went to learn bricklaying. The first thing I noticed as an apprentice was that my boss hardly worked other bricklayers as he wasalways doing before I got to him. Also, I discovered that I have deep understanding of the job, but my heart was worshipping God from the place of work. My boss attended Anglican church and I was attending the church with him. That time,a voice had been telling me that God was calling me, but I did not believe because I had decided in my mind that I cannot be a pastor or minister of God. I was thinking of how to become rich and famous that I would be financially endowed to feed and support ministers and men of God because pastors were suffering. But I didn't have the money.
One day, I met a mad man who, on seeing me said: "This man, God is calling you are working about as a bricklayer, despite the fact that you were deprived of the opportunity of going to school, you that could not make anything of playing table tennis. God is calling you and you are turning deaf ears. You are threading the path of destruction". What he said made sense to me.

When I completed my term as apprentice, the day I was supposed to take leave from my boss was the same day when he drove me out of his house in annoyance. Without having a place to stay or go, remembering I had decided not to return to my hometown as promised.

After the encounter with the mad man, I had an inspiration one nigth. I saw Apostle Ayo Babalola, I did not know him physically, but I saw him in my dream, he told me that the person I saw was not a mad man, but Jesus Christ talking to me that He called me and that I should accept the assignment. When I woke up, I could not see the person that spoke with me. I could not call it a vision: it was as if somebody spoke to my ears. From that day my life never remained the same in terms of the gift of knowledge. After that experience, my mind began to draw nearer and nearer to God, but I was still determined not to be a pastor or prophet. Again, I slept and a Bible was presented to me, I read the Bible, it was since then that I could wake up in the morning and read the Bible.

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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

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