I want to use this medium to appreciate the Almighty God for his goodness, mercy and provisions over my life. A friend of mine told me about the online programs and ever since I started watching the live programs on Facebook by Prophet Olu Alo and participating in the prayers, things have been turning around for my good. Help has been coming my way even when and where I least expected. I am still trusting God for other things which I believe He will perfect soon by His grace.
Abiola O., Romania

Praise the Lord i give God of prophet Sam Olu Alo all the glory it happens like this it was middle of August that baba prayed for us online because am among the Omo Woli on Facebook baba now said we should prayed that gbogbo oku ti aye fi de wa ki olorun bami ja i really pray the prayer with crying in my eye that night i was crying seriously and praying so after the prayer i slept off and i saw Baba in my dream he now lay his hand in my tummy and immediately i realize that something just break in my womb since then i did not experience any pains again and i believe that all the doctor report God has cancelled it in my life and very soon i will still testify that God has given me Triplet Thank you sir for your prayer longlife sir God is great and everything written about God is great thank you jesus
Mrs kehinde Ajoke, Istanbul

I blessed the name of the lord the Gof of our Prophet Olu Alo. Even though have tried to reach the man of God so many times without luck but my spirit never leaves him.
I saw myself in a very big auditorium where church activities was going on after the service I saw Prophet working pass and I call and knelt before him that I need deliverance because have been experiencing bad dreams, as he was praying for me at first nothing happened I saw that he dipped his middle finger in an anointing oil and touched middle of my head I saw it in my spirit rolling if you have experienced how wind rolls in hurricane that was how it looks like and I saw that strange being came out from my body.

Immediately I felt so free and relieved when I woke up. Have never experienced this kind of deliverance in my entire life. Help me shout halleluyah to God of Prophet Olu Alo.

You are great! Yes you are.....
Oluwakemi Olushola Ogunkoya, Maryland, U.S.A

Bidemi saheed, AKURE

I thank God
Tim, Lagos

I am a Pastor from Benin City, I have heard a lot about the Prophet and I have been longing to meet him, I have been to Erio Mountain twice just to see him but was unable. When I came here I had I big problem on a parcel of land of which the land has been taken away from me,when I saw the prophet from afar I was determined to see him, I could not, then I managed to touch his cloth while passing by during his ministration and this is what I said "IF TRULY GOD CALLED THIS MAN,MY LAND MUST NOT BE TAKEN AWAY". When I got back to Benin City, the person called and started pleading,at the long run my land was returned to me.
Pastor Matthew, Benin City

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